Saturday, 2 April 2011

My echo chamber goes up to eleven

Dub, obviously, has had a big influence on dance music, both in terms of technology, philosophy and sound. Electronic music,  has allowed musicians to incorporate this influence without it sounding... well... "cod."

 I guess we're all pretty used to cod reggae. Apart from the family wedding favourites, theres a slew of albums out there with a "reggae" track put in as standard, though it may only consist of a overproduced guitar sound on the offbeat and a pretty young victim singing about cocktails or something.

 Whilst "cod" dub was never as prevalent as the songs of crooning gingers, I have a very clear picture of what it is. Back in the day when I was into punk, there were always ska/punk bands messing around with the idea of dub and it just seemed so completely overdone. Echos flying everywhere, all the time, sounds cutting in and out far too rapidly. The basic elements are there but the tune is never allowed to develop or grow, its just a tryhard mass of snares. But hey, these people arent producers so what do you expect (these simple rock musicians eh?)

So instead I wanted to post a tune which, in my humble opinion, manages to capture the vibe without begging the sound.

Bauhaus - She's In Parties

The dub on that starts at 3:40 but its a good tune throughout.

 I'll update this post with more tracks soon but give us some more, why don't you?